Focus RS/ST Radium Aux Fuel Kit- Complete By DaVinci Performance
Focus RS/ST Radium Aux Fuel Kit- Complete By DaVinci Performance

Focus RS/ST Radium Aux Fuel Kit- Complete By DaVinci Performance

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Ford Focus RS / ST Port Injection Kit by Radium Engineering
Are you looking into adding additional fuel mixes to your Ford Focus RS or ST? Look no further, the Radium Engineering Port Injection Kit is compatible with all fuel types including popular alcohol mixtures such as E85. This kit installs between the intake manifold and the cylinder head and permits the use of port injectors to add additional fuel for high-horsepower applications for your Ford EcoBoost engine.


  • 6061 CNC machined aluminum adapter features a smoothed port divider promoting laminar flow into the combustion chambers. The injector spray pattern is divided evenly into each runner
  • Angled air flow passages through the PIK adapter plate are CAD matched to the intake ports and manifold to minimize any impact to air flow through the ports
  • A CNC machine aluminum adapter bracket is included to relocate the mounting grommets for the engine cover
  • 4- 50lb Deatschwerks Injectors allow for more fuel and higher alcohol fuels like E85
  • -8 AN Fuel Lines and Fittings


The Radium Aux fuel rail CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum features a smooth port divider as well as angled injectors to match the flow of the Intake runners for more Direct Fuel spraying. 4 Port Injection means even fuel distribution to each Combustion Chamber which means consistent tuning. 

Deatschwerks 50lb injectors give you the ability to make Big Horsepower in your Focus RS/ST. A Split Second controller allows your tuner to make adjustments and get the most HP out of your car. 

High quality AN fittings are used to ensure no leaks and compatibility with alcohol fuels such as E85. Other kits on the market use fittings that may deteriorate over time with use of E85, we solved that by only using fuel system components that are compatible with E85.   


*** Vehicle will need a tune to utilize Auxiliary Fuel. Please contact your tuner to see if they are capable of tuning with Split Second.